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Cultivating a World Class Beer Menu 

Wine by the glass and specialty cocktail programs create excitement, uniqueness and drive incremental profits at on premise locations. Don’t forget that best in class bottled beers can do the same. 

Specialty bottle lists are a great way to let a consumer know they’re in the right place for a quality beer. Premium offerings entice customers to come back for unique styles they can’t find elsewhere, with flavors to match the menu and styles to match the mood.  Despite beer being on draft all across the country, many of the world’s most iconic beer and styles are ONLY available in bottles.   

A bottle menu should first and foremost be balanced. Balancing a diverse list of beer allows an establishment to cover a large spectrum of variety, including representing benchmark styles, countries of origin and unique releases. Curated lists cater to consumers by providing choices that step beyond your standard bar fare and into a realm of increased flavor, refinement, and experience. Providing sturdy year-round brews, not normally found on the rotating tap, or in the generic seasonal offerings list speaks to a much larger audience. Beer aficionados noticing a distinctive import, or something from a highly regarded brewery, are much more likely to become regular patrons with reliable specialty options to choose from. Giving guests selections to treat themselves, or indulge in, will increase the value they receive when visiting your business. 

When it comes to structuring the bottle menu itself, we suggest you offer enticing descriptions of beers beyond the usual brewery name and ABV. Bottle menus are a bright spot in your drink offerings just like specialty cocktails and wines by the glass. Intrigue your customers with what they read and experience as an inclination to try something outside their usual drink of choice. Maybe even tell them why you chose the bottles you did or how wonderfully they pair with specific food items on your menu. Make your mark and leave a personal touch. As far as display, it’s critical to have a printed bottle menu because you know it’ll stay around longer than your rotating specials. Printed menus add to the overall experience, placing those thoughtfully chosen brews in the upper echelon of your beverage program. 

We hope you’ve learned how fun beautiful beer bottle menus can be when executed properly and the importance of placing like-minded beers to fill gaps and feed off one another to signal consumers they’re in the right place. 

Our Import Beer Managers would be happy to advise you in putting together a bottle menu for your business. If you have any questions, please reach out. We are always available at