Saturday, March 23, 2024

About Orval Day


The Orval legend began almost 1,000 years ago, when a princess accidentally dropped her ring into a spring and a trout returned it. It continues now, with a day to reflect on and enjoy this amazing Trappist ale.

On Orval Day, devotees of Orval Trappist Ale – and some folks who maybe have not tried it yet – convene to celebrate one of the world’s unique and highly-respected beers. The next Orval Day is set for Saturday March 23, 2024. (Past dates: 3/26/16; 3/25/17; 3/24/18; 3/23/19; 10/3/20; 3/20/21; 4/21/22; 3/25/23) #OrvalDay

Orval Trappist Ale was the first Brett beer to land on US shores, and has become the favorite beer for many star American brewers. ( “Brett” – brettanomyces – is a yeast variety that adds appetizing, sharp acidity and dryness.) Orval is brewed to exquisite perfection within the walls of Notre Dame d’Orval Monastery in Belgium. It’s delicious when it leaves the brewery, but also evolves in the bottle for five years or more.

Each year we make a donation to charity based on US sales of Orval on Orval Day. For 2023, our charitable contribution went to National Forest Foundation. If you drank, bought or sold an Orval Trappist Ale on Orval Day – thanks! #OrvalDay