A Toast to 200 Years of Brewing Excellence!

About Pinkus Brewery: The Pinkus-Müller Brewery traces its origins to the family’s arrival in the German city of Münster in 1816, when Johannes Müller and his wife Friederika Cramer started a brewery and bakery. Since then, 150 breweries have opened in Münster; today, only Pinkus remains.

Currently the fifth and sixth generations of the family operate the Pinkus-Müller Brewery. Their dedication to quality shows with every sip of their beer, but Pinkus was also the first brewery of the modern era to make the commitment to full organic production – using only organic malt and hops – in the 1980s, even before there were USDA organic food standards. Today Pinkus holds USDA and ABCERT GmbH organic certification.

Pinkus Münster Alt: Pale, golden color; excellent, herbaceous aroma, delicate fruit-acid palate, & long dry finish.

Pinkus Hefe-Weizen: Very light in body and color. Crisp, dry, spritzy, and refreshing unfiltered beer without the characteristic yeasty spiciness of a Bavarian wheat beer.

Pinkus Ur-Pils: Pale golden in color; light to medium in body; dry and well-balanced; clean hop and malt character.

September is Organic Harvest Month

In honor of Organic Harvest Month, retailers, organizations, food co-ops, farm groups, and communities around the country host special celebrations designed to promote understanding of and enthusiasm about organic products and agriculture. This September, celebrate with organic beers from the World’s First Organic Brewery: Pinkus.