The Samuel Smith Salute

Remember – or imagine – what beer drinking was like in America in 1978, before the first Samuel Smith’s shipment arrived. There were about 85 breweries in the US and only one was a craft brewery. Imports were few, and almost all were pale lagers. Today, the American beer scene is the most dynamic on the planet.

Each year, many great beer spots salute Samuel Smith with promotions, tastings, special prices, and a chance to celebrate: the annual Samuel Smith Salute. Please join in: savour the benchmark beers from Samuel Smith’s, and recall the prominent role this iconic British brewery has played in the US craft beer revolution. Build a display at your store; add a new Sam Smith beer or cider to your menu; write about Sam Smith on your blog – and raise a glass with us: Samuel Smith – handcrafted ales & lagers – Brewed Since 1758 – Imported since 1978.

Check for events near you at our regional events pages; tag with #samsmithsalute.