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Hearty "Spring Celebration" lager brewed in the fall and released as winter turns to spring.

The History of Maibock

This Bavarian "spring celebration" beer is brewed in the fall and lagered over the winter.


Light gold color; full body; huge malt aroma and flavor with spicy, aristocratic Hallertauer hops in abundance. Clean lager fermentation and months-long lagering mean that every nuance of flavor - as well as the signature Ayinger malt elegance - shine out of your glass.

Serving Suggestion

The big malt signature and strength make a Maibock a perfect match for bold-flavored meats: pork; ham or wild boar; duck or goose. Try it with sweeter root vegetables like parsnips, cooked carrots, or sweet potato. Morel mushrooms, with their earthy, rich flavors are a beautiful pairing. Serve in willibecker tumbler or stoneware mug at 40-45 °F.


Ratebeer.com: 99 points (March 2015)

Product Sizes and Quantities

  • 30-liter kegs (a draft-only, limited, seasonal release)


ABV: 7.5% - OG: 1.069 - IBU: 30
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, yeast.